Out on Blu-ray and sold only through Screen Archives is the marvelous 1961 adventure classic Mysterious Island (Twilight Time). Based on the Jules Verne book, the film is about civil war soldiers who escape on a weather balloon across the ocean and crash on a strange island. There, they encounter large, over-sized animals --  including crabs, bees and birds -- which were brought to life with stop motion animation by special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen. Herbert  Lom plays Captain Nemo, whose scientific experiments created these hulking creatures. Gary Merrill plays a war correspondent, and a velvety-throated Joan Greenwood plays a shipwreck victim. Directed by Cy Endfield, with a thrilling score by Bernard Herrmann, this looks sensational on Blu-ray. Amd, since it's a limited edition, I didn't dare blog about it until I safely had my own copy. Now go get yours.