Martin Scorsese's Underrated New York, New York On Blu-ray

Martin Scorsese's wildly underrated 1977 film New York, New York (20th Century Fox) is out now on Blu-ray, looking as stunning as it did in the theater. The movie's about the turbulent love affair between Jimmy Doyle (Robert De Niro), a talented saxophone player, and Francine Evans (Liza Minnelli) a lounge singer, who meet after the end of World War II. I was fascinated with New York, New York when it first came out and went to see it often. I saw the films Scorsese was riffing on --  especially Raoul Walsh's moody The Man I Love, starring Ida Lupino -- but there was an ambitious, coked-up, craziness here that made the film endlessly intriguing. With extravagant musical numbers and sensational lead performances, the movie is messy and mad and often quite beautiful. The Blu-ray includes extensive documentaries on the film's making plus deleted scenes and commentary by the director and by cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs on selected scenes.

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