Male Model Mayhem + Scott Schuman Feels So-So About Bill Cunningham in Today's Style Scraps

Max Kessler
Model Duncan Pyke poses as David Bowie for the new cover of Arena Homme+. [via The Fashionisto]

Scott Schuman gave WWD a whole bunch of awkwardly lukewarm opinions about Bill Cunningham. On Cunningham's photos: "I don't think they're bad, really just a different style." [via Fashionista]

Check out the new Vans collaboration with Iron Maiden. Please tell us the shoes cost $66.66! [via Press Release]

Oh my, we're having heart palpitations over David Gandy covering 10 Men. [via Male Model Scene]

Miucca Prada said that when she was young "to want to be a fashion designer was really the worst thing that could happen to me." Thank goodness she changed her mind! [via Guardian UK]

The fashion community is drawing lines over the Tory Birch-Chris Burch feud. Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenburg are definitely in Tory's camp, with Wintour saying "we've never had anything to do with Chris." [via Fashionista]

And in other male model news -- we promise this is the last of the day! -- here's Leighton Meester being very nonchalant about the naked male models crawling around her in the new issue of FLAUNT.  [via High Snobette]

If you need a gift for the fashionable Winnie the Pooh enthusiast, look no further than these Pocketo x Disney wallets! Very cute. [via Press Release]

...And in more DVF news, Diane designed the newest Evian bottle! [via press release]

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