Major Lazer's New Eric Wareheim-Directed Video Is Predictably Insane

by Abby Schreiber

Major Lazer has once again teamed up with Tim & Eric's Eric Warheim on a new video, "Bubble Butt," and, as was the case on their last few collabs ("Pon de Floor" and "Keep It Going Louder"), the results are awesomely mental. As might be gleaned from the song, which features Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga and Mystic, butts feature, uh, very, very prominently. The video opens with a winking shot of a Bushwick-style loft in which a trio of stereotypical seapunk girls are seen dancing and taking photos on their iPhones. Before long, a crazy, flying chick ("Buttzilla") arrives, shoots her air-pumping tentacles through their window and gives them all ass injections -- voila! they now have the eponymous "bubble butts." The apartment quickly transforms into a club and the rest of the video seems to be a twerk-off between various social tribes that you're likely to encounter on Tumblr (or in one of Stefon's clubs): seapunkers, strippers, aerobic instructor ravers and aerial acrobats.

Honestly, though, we haven't even done this video an iota of justice -- just watch it yourself.

"Bubble Butt" appears on Free the Universe, out now.

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