Major Lazer And Bieber Sent Dancers To Shake It In Iceland For The"Cold Water" Music Video

Plus, the Gucci Mane remix!

Kristen Stegemoeller

If you've walked past your local Zumba studio or Forever 21 lately, you will have definitely heard Major Lazer's infectious new hit "Cold Water," featuring Justin Bieber and Danish up-and-comer Mø (I think it's pronounced 'Muh' but don't quote me on that). "Cold Water" is the spiritual successor to Bieber's 2015 mega-hit "Sorry," and like "Sorry" it is delicious candy with a seriously amazing dance video, which was released this week. For the official "Cold Water" music video, four of the Major Lazer dancers head to Iceland, LAND OF TROLLS, to shake their shit in front of towering waterfalls, black sand glacier beaches, magical meadows and dramatic cliffsides, and conduct primeval witch ceremonies in front of an enormous bonfire. It is wonderful.

Watch "Cold Water" below...

Gucci Mane, the only Mane I trust, also released a great remix of the track...

And if we're talking about Gucci, I just... need to post this.

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