Mad Men Season 5 Poster: Whoa.

Woo, Mad Men's fifth season poster has arrived -- time for some sub-text-y fun! Here, we see a Robert Longo-esque man who appears to be mid-fall, engulfed in emptiness. (Ed note: "Engulfed in Emptiness" is totally yours for the taking, high school emo bands in need of names!) In other words, this poster likely does not portend well for Don or for his very hasty, very stupid engagement to the topless girl from Hot Tub Time Machine. We're also going to go ahead and assume Sally Draper will be further pulled into the abyss this season as well, as most of last season set her up to start ditching class with Glen to drop acid and "experiment" under the bleachers. And last we left Betty Draper, she was sort-of regretting her re-marriage and possibly missing the days of discovering matchbooks from strange bars and locked desk drawers, so we'll throw her into the void as well. (Bobby, of course, will still be boring and  re-cast in the sixth season.) Below, the posters for seasons one through four. This. show. cannot. come. back. soon. enough.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4:

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