Mack Dugan: Solo Star

Mack Dugan, longtime F.O.P. (Friend of PAPER) and former Heatherette designer, has at long last released his own menswear line, simply called MACKDUGAN. And we could not be more excited for him. His line is crisp and refined with just the right amount of crazy and innovative thrown in. Dugan was kind enough to answer some pressing questions for us about his divine new collection.

So what was your inspiration for the line?
For Spring Summer '09 I proposed a simple summer wardrobe for men. It is a capsule collection of fairly simple pieces for everyday summer wear. The collection has an element of activewear but the fabrics contradict that by being a bit "Old World." With MACKDUGAN I don't work from direct inspirations or themes, I want to offer something thats "new" and it's this process of creating of a new "look" that I find inspiring. Of course there is definitely an element of me creating pieces that I am searching for personally as well, that will always be a source of inspiration.

Who is the "MACKDUGAN Man"?
This collection is deliberately made of easy pieces so it will work for a diverse cross section of guys. What makes this line modern is that it easily adapts to different people. The clothes themselves are staples which could work great separately or as head to toe looks . This collection would look just as at home at the Bowery or Barneys as it would at the Beatrice Inn or Barnes & Noble.

What do you think is the ideal setting in which your clothing should be worn?
This collection has no traditional suiting so its totally not formal but the pieces are each interesting and wearable. I don't really get into traditional suits personally, so here I offer a few matching shorts and jackets which is my smart looking alternative.

What are some of the things you learned from Heatherette that you brought to your own line?
I learned so much over the years at Heatherette. MACKDUGAN is a totally different animal -- it's the first time I have designed mens, and obviously it's a completely different look, but all my experiences are useful and have an impact on how I am shaping my business. At Heatherette we focused primarily on the fashion shows -- with MACKDUGAN it's totally product focused.

Where can folks purchase your wares?
SS09 capsule collection is an introductory line which is currently available only through special order. I look forward to wider distribution and a complete line next for FW09. Check for stockist updates at

Will there be a fashion show in Feb...?
Honestly I think I'm a bit showed out after my adventures in Fashion Week with Heatherette over the last five years, but a static presentation would be nice. Once again, stay tuned to for updates.

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