Mac DeMarco's Oddball New Video Is Not For High People (Or Maybe It Really Is)

by Abby Schreiber

Our favorite Brooklyn-by-way-of-Montreal singer/guitarist/art punk party prankster, Mac DeMarco, has a new music video out today for his Salad Days track, "Chamber of Reflection." The '80s synth-heavy jam gets sludged up and zoinked out here, which works, we guess, because the whole VHS-style video is shot after shot of a chick wearing a Homer Simpson mask with a perma-high expression on its face. We see Homer Chick hang out in a hammock, ride the subway, and gyrate over a fire hyrant before taking a little drink. Just, you know, regular Tuesday afternoon stuff.

Warning: this video is not for high people.

Salad Days is out now via Captured Tracks.

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