Lunchtime Links: Jean Paul Gaultier Thinks American Women Are More Stylish Than French Women + Coloring Books Get Real

Abby Schreiber and Max Kessler

Don't be hangry, devour some lunchtime links!

Mad Men jewelry by designer Aaron Saucier. [Laughing Squid]

Rooms in a former Bronx senior citizens home that had fallen on hard times are being repurposed as art spaces. [NYTimes/Photo by Librado Romero]

Omar Sharif Jr., grandson of the great actor, comes out as gay, Jewish, and in favor of a pluralistic Egypt in a new interview. [The Advocate]

When coloring books get really, really real. [Imgur/Reddit]

Obsessed with cereal? Cerealize let's you make your own cereal, name it, and save the recipe for later. Our favorite part? Peeps and bacon as ingredients. [Selectism]

Hungover Gaia, on celebrating Spring: "Oh my God. Are people still doing that? They're like three-year-olds." [McSweeney's]

Nail art is so yesterday.  "Caviar manis" (with tiny beads, not fish roe, silly!) are the next big thing. [Fashionista]

Quel dommage!  While accepting an award in New York given by the Lycée Francais, French designer Jean Paul Gaultier (he of the new Diet Coke collab) admitted that he thinks American women are more stylish than les femmes parisiennes. "In France, where the women are supposed to be the most elegant, I never saw it. I see a lot of Americans that are very elegant and have a sense of style." [Stylelist]

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