Lunchtime Links: Aging Rockstars + Best Brooklyn Block to Smoke a Joint

Abby Schreiber and Max Kessler

Don't be hangry: have some Lunchtime Links!

Add another person to the James Frey Fabrication List: off-Broadway performer, Mike Daisey, has admitted to making up parts of his one-man show (which received extensive press, including on This American Life) including a story about Apple products being made in Chinese sweatshops. [Entertainment Weekly]

The L Magazine ranked the 50 best blocks in Brooklyn, and it's pretty informative. Best block to smoke a joint? Gregory Place (not that we endorse that). [L Magazine; Photos by Guang Xu and Samantha Sutcliffe]

Some rockers age more gracefully than others (David Bowie above, Grace Slick below). David Bowie, is that a Barbour jacket??  My how times have changed. [Buzzfeed]

Could the Broncos be signing Peyton Manning?  Could they be dropping Tim Tebow?  Could Tim Tebow be signing with the Patriots?  So many sports rumors!  []

In unsurprising news, Vogue Italia did yet another semi-scandalous fashion spread! Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani responds to the onslaught of criticism, "A racist image, I really do not understand." [The Cut/Photos from Vogue Italia]

Newsweek came out with a Mad Men-inspired issue complete with custom ads styled to look like they were from the 60s.  Who woulda thought the Allstate guy (and Dennis from 30 Rock) could look so dapper? [NY Times/Newsweek]

You will now be able to walk into an Apple store, pick anything up, scan it on your phone, and walk out with it. That's one small step for Apple's world takeover, one giant leap for all of us being destitute. [Wired]

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