Lucio Fulci's Cat In The Brain On DVD!

Cat in the Brain, Italian maestro of gore Lucio Fulci’s 1990 splatter version of 8 1/2 finally gets its just reward in this glorious two-disc DVD. Fulci, responsible for The Beyond, Gates of Hell, A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin and The House by the Cemetery, was one of the more extreme horror directors, in his slavish attention to gratuitous gruesomeness. In this film, Fulci stars as himself, a horror director seized with nightmares, who has the misfortune to seek help from a psychiatrist with murderous tendencies who decides to commit atrocious killings and have them blamed on the horror director. It’s the ultimate genre meta film, and a snide swipe at detractors who have decried horror films for causing more violence. Interspersed through the movie are clips from past Fulci films, like The Touch of Death and Ghosts of Sodom, replete with their joyous nastiness. Also known as Nightmare Concert, this in my mind was one his better later efforts -- crazy, gory and nuts (but in a good way). And the extras included on this disc have wonderful interviews with actors from his various films and his one appearance at the 1996 Fangoria Weekend of Horrors (which I remember fondly being there for) -- just prior to his unexpected death. For fans of Fulci this is a fabulous treat.

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