Lower East Side Steals Thanks to (Capsule)

Kat Clements

If you happen to find yourself hovering around Delancey over the next two days, do yourself a solid and check out the collection of discounts and drinks which are being offered at a heap of hotspots. Whether you're looking to cut a little off the top (Frank's Chop Shop is offering 15 percent off -- of the price not your hair), or to sip while you flip through racks of divine mens suits, denim, etc. (deals and drinks abound at The Cast's high-design dungeon) you'll find at least a few things you fancy. This whole set-up, and the parties coinciding with it (Save Khaki United will launch with libations and celebrations tomorrow night), are thanks to (capsule) the fashion event, social must-do, and force behind a great neighborhood network created in honor of Men's Fashion Week. For more information and inspiration, web on over to http://www.capsuleshow.com/newyork08/, your source for soaking up style in style.

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