Louboutin Has Seven New "Nude" Shades for All Skin Tones

by Sandra Song
via Louboutin

It's funny that the fashion-world definition of "nude" is automatically equated to a peachy beige -- but as a norm that's gone unquestioned in a Euro-centric clothing industry for decades, it's just a telling show of how we still struggle with racial diversity today. Thankfully, the times are a' changing because Christian Louboutin is finally expanding its "nude" offerings to include women of color this August. 

Celebrating with a cheeky #NudesForAll tag, the brand is introducing a range of seven tones (from fair to chestnut), as well as two new styles that include a scalloped-edged peep-toe and a shorter, round-toe stiletto. Bonus: starting this fall all the pre-existing Louboutin designs will also be offered in these different shades. Start saving up for a pair of red soles.

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