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Listen to Saint Pepsi's Excellent Remix of Drake's "Worst Behavior"

by Kyla Bills
In celebration of the one-year anniversary of Drake's Nothing Was The Same, producer and (occasional) singer Saint Pepsi has released his own edit of 'Worst Behavior.' While Pepsi's recent songs lean in a pop direction, this remix is a return to his roots as a vaporwave producer with elevator music-esque riffs and lighthearted background singers. It's not the first time Saint Pepsi tipped his hat to Drizzy -- one of the producer's favorite shows is Degrassi and his track 'Fiona Coyne,' both samples and is named after a character from the Canadian teen soap that gave Drake his start.

While the song premiered as a single on Complex earlier today, it's originally part of a mix Saint Pepsi made for LFTF a few months ago which can be listened to, below. "Worst Behavior" starts at the 1:42 mark.

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