Lissy Trullie On Her Upcoming Album, Bananas and The Time She Was a Gynecologist for Halloween

Alex Catarinella
Lissy Trullie performed several new tracks from her upcoming Dave Sitek/John Hill-produced LP at her Mercury Lounge the other night, and we're happy to report that Trullie fans are in for a treat. The CMJ performance included stripped-down lullaby "Madeleine," as well as the dance-floor-ready "Heart Sound," full of big hooks and Siouxsie Sioux yelps. We chatted with Trullie, who was puffing away on an electric cigarette, before the show about the new music, her penchant for bananas and Halloween costumes.

Describe your debut LP in five words... Go! 
It's a graduation in textures. 

Do you think fans of Self-Taught Learner will be surprised by the new tunes?
Yeah -- hopefully a good way? It's different. It's still true to me but it's definitely... it's different. I'm so inarticulate. It's different!

What are your pre-show rituals?
I don't drink before I play. Ever. It dehydrates me. I do vocal warm-ups and I eat a banana and I eat honey. 

I'm imagining you singing 'Do-Re-Mi' backstage... 
I actually have it on my iPod. And I basically don't do anything for like a half an hour prior to performing besides vocal warm-ups and, like I said, eating a banana.

So, what's on your tour rider... unlimited bananas? 
Bananas, honey, vodka -- vodka's for after the show. And the boys like beer. 

What music are you excited about right now?
I've had the Drive soundtrack on repeat. O-M-G, it's so good! It's been on repeat for the past week.

You toured with Blondie recently. Are you and Debbie Harry pals now?

Yeah, we're totally BFF. The tour was awesome. I was nervous, but it ended up being fun. Debbie is super, super sweet and almost a little bit shy. And supportive! The whole band was super supportive and just psyched to have us there. I was terrified of the audience, but they liked it -- we sold out of all of our merch. I was pleasantly surprised.

Are there any lyrics on your new album that you're particularly proud of?
There's a lyric on "Madeleine" that I like a lot. It goes, "In our slumber frost with fright, it's the beast we cannot fight."

Halloween's around the corner. Do you have a 'greatest hit' costume?
I was a gynecologist one year. I think I still have the lab coat that says "Dr. Howie Von Felthersnatch."

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