Lindsay Lohan's New Oprah-Approved Reality Show Preview

by Abby Schreiber

When we first heard that Lindsay Lohan was filming a reality show for Oprah's OWN network, we silently raised an eyebrow. And now with the release of the first official trailer...that brow's still up there. While it's interesting to watch Lohan tell the cameras that she feels "like a prisoner" and get into some drama with the Big O herself, this "docu-series" looks like it's gonna be a bit of a white knuckle watch. Simply called Lindsay, the show follows Lohan's return to New York and her attempts to get her act together and takes a more intimate look at the actress' years-long struggles with substance abuse and issues with her parents. And although the 24-hour news cycle, endless celebrity gossip blogs, and social media all make it easy to guess how the show -- rather, Lindsay's life -- plays out, it's still interesting to watch footage of the actress that's not mediated by TMZ or US Weekly. Take a peek at the trailer, above.

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