Lily Allen Takes on Internet Trolls in New "URL Badman" Video

by Justin Moran

In our cover girl Lily Allen's newly released music video for the standout Sheezus track "URL Badman," she aims to destroy Internet trolls. Allen tells us the song was inspired by "the toxic nastiness [of the Internet], the anonymity, the need now to feel if somebody makes a mistake, they should have to... it's like a scrum to get that person to be ashamed, or something, and I just hate that."

Never one to fear confrontation, Allen sits directly behind a nerdy "blogger" in the video, mocking him while he ferociously types away at his computer. She sings to him with a bitchy smirk until finally getting her revenge by turning the "URL Badman" into a frozen Internet glitch. The trippy video treatment is a perfect mate to the wild and wobbly dubstep-infused track, showing Allen in her natural state -- shamelessly catty and wonderfully colorful.

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