In drag, "cunt" is a compliment -- much like "fishy," it means that a queen has done her utmost to look like a vagina-having, cisgendered lady. But drag divas Levonia Jenkins and La Lopez are here to take "cunt" and turn it on its head with their new video for "So C#nt." The clip finds a very bearded, muscly Jenkins werking the NYC transit and discount store circuit while La Lopez lyrically defends her c#ntiness on the dance floor. These two gals do an amazing job of mocking the tropes of typical drag queen-released singles: the completely interchangeable house beat, the obsession with labels ("Gucci, Prada / Old Navy, Zara / Chanel, Dior / Jenkins is a whore"), and the drive to be perfectly fishy all the time. Oh, and did we mention that there's a Suri Cruise interlude in the middle? Watch this shining example of extravaganza eleganza above.

[via Slate]

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