Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing to MGMT at Coachella: Oh Dear

by Elizabeth Thompson

In case you needed more evidence that Leonardo DiCaprio is the best dancer in the biz, here you go: A clip of Leo and his bro busting some sizzling-hot White Festival Dudes Just Goofin'-moves to MGMT at Coachella on Saturday. At first we were skeptical: The dancers' faces are covered with bandanas (there was a big-ass sandstorm on Saturday) and classic DiCaprio distinguishers -- e-cigarettes and models -- are nowhere to be found. But as TMZ points out, this person's outfit is the same outfit Leo was photographed wearing earlier in the day while hangin' with a dude dressed like the other dancer. Also, the priceless reaction of the woman filming seems evidence enough. We know there's another weekend to go, but we're going to go ahead and crown her Coachella 2014's most important attendee. Thank you, whoever you are. Now go make an alternate version of this with "Sandstorm" dubbed over. [Uproxx]

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