Leo Fitzpatrick & Friends Not Garbage Book-Signing Photos

Rebecca Smeyne
Last night, the West Village basement bookstore OHWOW, Lilliputian in scale but not import, hosted an informal book-signing for actor/artist Leo Fitzpatrick's Not Garbage. The book is based on a Half Gallery exhibition he recently curated called Ray's A Laugh, about New York artist Ray Johnson (1927-1995). Like the exhibition, the book presents contemporary artists' reactions and interpretations to Johnson's work with contributions from Dan Colen, Hanna Liden, and Dash Snow. Some of the people we spotted at the opening included the Virgins' Donald Cumming, artist Maggie Lee, Sophomore's Chrissie Miller, and of course, Fitzpatrick, who hung out in a side alley, smoking with some pals, in between signing copies of his book. The book is available to order here. Pics above.

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