Leikeli47, Rap's Most Mysterious MC, Is Back With a New Video

by Abby Schreiber

Our favorite balaclava-clad mystery rapper, Leikeli47, is back with a new video, "Two Times a Charm," which we're excited to be premiering on PAPER. We still don't know much about her -- nor whether this video & track will be part of a larger release -- but that doesn't mean we can't get behind the clap-heavy beats, A+ fashion (a special s/o to that poncho look), and the rapper's take no shit lady mob who chant, "we stompin' on your lungs/you can't keep up." At about the 1:32 mark, the song and video abruptly changes course with Leikeli's tough talk being replaced by woozy, soulful instrumentals and what could pass for spoken word poetry. (The visuals go similarly soft -- we see the rapper strumming a guitar next to an adorable little kid chilling out in a shiny black love seat.)

You can download "Two Times A Charm," HERE.

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