Leah Hennessey on Tearing Through New York in Make Out's New Video for "You Can't Be Friends With Everyone"

We are totally obsessed with Leah Hennessey and Jesper Mortensen's new band Make Out's amazing music video for "You Can't Be Friends With Everyone," wherein young Leah wreaks havoc through the streets of Brooklyn and, among other things, grabs a hot dog out of a man's hot dog bun and throws it in a stroller. The video was produced by our girl MNDR and directed by John Threat and Diane Martel. We asked Ms. Hennessey to tell us a little bit about said video, and she very kindly obliged.
So tell me about the concept for the video.
The idea was to have me racing around the city Sonic the Hedgehog-style with Jesper (the guy at the beginning who looks like an out of place Ingmar Bergman character) acting like Tails, popping in and out, and both of us pranking and destroying as many people as possible.  John Threat, our hacker icon co-director, added all these sound effects to the track to make it seem ever more like we're in a game.

How'd you get away with doing all this crazy stuff?
A lot of what we did with this video was definitely illegal, in the way most good nights involve at least a few ticketable offenses, and if Diane Martel and John Threat and their small volunteer dream team hadn't been such creative pros I would have had to spend much more time on the shoot hiding and running away from people.  We had a 'professional apologizer' on set who would do some on the spot trauma counseling with my victims.

Craziest moment/run-in with unassuming bystander?
To me the craziest part was convincing this girl on Bedford Ave. to let me grab her five week old chihuahua infant and make it shit on a salad.  The actual shitting was pretty standard but coaxing and pleading with the sweet, rational owner was mindblowing. It was a miracle I got that pup in my hands. Also, when the plane blew up. I feel a little bad about that but John promised me it was a corporate jet owned by Halliburton or something."

Where can folks see you next?
We're playing January 26th at Lizzy from Neon Gold's party in Chinatown called Fuzz. We have a bunch more stuff in the works but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to talk about it. Follow our tumblr for show alerts and cute pictures of us and other beautiful guano.

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