Le Petit Prince Doll + The World's Tiniest Puppy Is Named Beyoncé = Eight Items Or Less

1.  Gothamist wrote an open letter to the person whose cell phone went off in the closing (and heart-wrenching) final scene in Death of a Salesman. [Gothamist]

2. This is (probably) the world's tiniest puppy and its name is Beyoncé! [Buzzfeed/ABC]

3. Straight from Paisley Park and into your child's toy chest, it's a Prince doll! [Citypages]

4.  The Beatrice Inn will be back!  Well, sort of.  Vanity Fair Editor-In-Chief and restauranteur, Graydon Carter, plans to reopen the storied venue that shuttered in 2009 but says "it's going to be a different kind of place than what it was last...There will be no Paul Sevigny." [WSJ]

5. Woah there. Tori Spelling is already preggo with her fourth child five months(!) after giving birth to daughter Hattie.  Tori Spelling!  More like Tori Duggar!  Heh. [US Weekly] 

6. After being the most baller eighteen-year-old in a long time by asking porn stars to prom on Twitter, it looks like Mike Stone will not get to take a sex industry starlet to the big dance after all, per his high school's response. [Huffington Post]

7. After tweeting a stupid comment about how Trayvon Martin's choice to wear a hooded sweatshirt contributed to his tragic death, Rivera's own son took to the feed lambasting his pops -- way to stick it to the old man! [Gawker]

8. Happy Birthday, Chaka Khan!  The legendary singer turns 59. [Huffington Post]

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