Latex Gloves Mysteriously Abandoned Near PAPER's L.A. Project Storefront

I know you really want to see photos of all the glamorous celebs and scenesters who attended PAPER's opening night party here in L.A. this last Wednesday (Phyllis Diller! Perez Hilton! Incedibly Young and Cute Super Trendy People Whose Names Escape Me Now!) But you can go to any ole blog for that info. Or click here. What I found intriquing were these discarded latex gloves laying on the sidewalk about a block north of PAPER's temporary L.A. headquarters on La Brea Boulevard. They were laying in front of a building that appeared to be a synagogue of some kind although it looked abandoned (the signs that read "Women's Entrance" and "Men's Entrance" appeared to be slightly painted over and the windows were barricaded -- strange, given that's prime real estate there!). At any rate, it's nice to know some kind of perversion is still lurking in the shadows here in Tinsel Town. (Just what WERE Phyllis Diller and Perez Hilton doing before the party?)

Welcome to L.A., Kim, David, Mickey, Carol, et al!

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