Say what you will about Lana Del Rey but she sure knows how to grab your attention and generate headlines in the music world. Last week we wrote that A$AP Rocky was joining the singer in a new music video in which the two would play JFK and Jackie Kennedy and, ladies and gentlemen, that video is here. LDR's vintage home movie-style vid for "National Anthem" features the singer switching between Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and a glamorous '60s housewife while A$AP Rocky takes his turn as JFK and LDR's preppy-gone-rogue husband.  And, because Lana Del Rey can't do much without a bit of provocation, "National Anthem" also features a depiction of the JFK assassination.

While the song itself isn't super exciting (it mostly features a repetition of "Money is the anthem / God you're so handsome / Money is the anthem...of success"), we really enjoyed watching the two artists play house, complete with a passel of adorable children. The two of them would actually make quite the cute real-life couple, no?

[Buzzfeed via Pitchfork]