Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" Is Our Music Video of the Day

Say what you will about Lana Del Rey but she sure knows how to grab your attention and generate headlines in the music world. Last week we wrote that A$AP Rocky was joining the singer in a new music video in which the two would play JFK and Jackie Kennedy and, ladies and gentlemen, that video is here. LDR's vintage home movie-style vid for "National Anthem" features the singer switching between Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and a glamorous '60s housewife while A$AP Rocky takes his turn as JFK and LDR's preppy-gone-rogue husband.  And, because Lana Del Rey can't do much without a bit of provocation, "National Anthem" also features a depiction of the JFK assassination.

While the song itself isn't super exciting (it mostly features a repetition of "Money is the anthem / God you're so handsome / Money is the anthem...of success"), we really enjoyed watching the two artists play house, complete with a passel of adorable children. The two of them would actually make quite the cute real-life couple, no?

[Buzzfeed via Pitchfork]

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