Lana Del Rey Smolders In Her New Video "West Coast"

by Sarah Bellman

Lana Del Rey's newest video for "West Coast," the first single off her forthcoming album Ultraviolence, doesn't disappoint. The black and white clip shows the singer doing what she does best: moodily hanging out with her trademark bad boys. The video features her sauntering along the beach with her boy toy (played by model Bradley Soileau who you'll remember from LDR's "Born to Die" vid), riding around smoking a cigarette with her older beau, and languidly singing while engulfed in flames -- a.k.a. just another day in the life of Lana.

Update: We just learned from Soileau himself that LDR's sugar daddy is none other than famed tattoo artist Mark Mahoney who owns Shamrock Social Club on Sunset.

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