Lana Del Rey Gets Cozy With Marilyn Manson + Bruno Mars Hangs With Hef at Playboy Mansion = Eight Items Or Less

1. Holy crap!  A 10-year-old girl just broke the world record for weightlifting in the 97lbs division by lifting 215lbs. [Buzzfeed]

2.  Martha Stewart will play a private school headmistress on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. [Perez Hilton]

3. Singer Bruno Mars covers this month's issue of Playboy and is only the tenth man to do so in the magazine's history.  Somehow we think these photos of Mars and Hef at the mansion party are delightfully funny -- they make an odd awesome pair. It's as if Hef has spent so long in the company of young women, he doesn't really know what to do with a young dude. [Photo by Cameron Duddy]

4.  Check out a Super Mario Bros.-inspired "Question Box Hanging Lamp."  And, no, a magic mushroom will not make you grow when you press it, a light will just turn on (though we do hear it emits a coin noise). [Laughing Squid]

5. UK-based designer Jonathan Williams created a hilarious series of drawings illustrating 21st Century "musical tribes" for Q Magazine.  He includes everything from the Bro-Stepper (above) to the Earnest Pitchforker to the Old Raver nursing a baby. [Flavorwire via Q Magazine]

6. Here's a 150-carat ring made entirely out of diamonds.  It can be yours for only $70 million. [Daily What]

7. This is all types of wrong: Lana Del Rey is seen hanging out with Marilyn Manson (when he's not playing Johnny Depp's son's 10th birthday), inevitably leading Oh No They Didn't gossip blog to cry "Couple Alert!" [Buzzfeed via Oh No They Didn't]

8. Street artist Mark Jenkins created these wonderfully freaky mannequins, which he's installed in public urban spaces throughout the world. [Laughing Squid]

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