Lake Bell Hosts Shindig to Celebrate Her Pal Lyn Devon's New W Hotel Downtown Uniforms

Carly Pifer

Last night actress Lake Bell hosted a party for her good friend Lyn Devon at the newish W Hotel - Downtown on Wall Street.  The models/waitresses (but who can really tell anymore) at the hotel's chic Living Room bar sported their new get-ups that Devon had designed for them, while serving pink-hued drinks in homage to Devon's fiery mane.  Devon, whose studio is nearby on Broome St. and who grew up in the city, is super excited about what she calls the "sexy but polished" uniforms consisting of high-waisted short trousers and sleeveless vests inspired by the suits in the neighborhood. The waitresses will be rocking them nightly from now on.

Said Bell, of her old friend, "Lyn Devon is like a sister. Our mothers had us in their wombs at the same time, we've really known each other for a nauseating amount of time." Bell was wearing her friend's design, a short shift dress dotted with what Bell described as "black currants." When complimented on it, she shook her boobs and called it a "comedy dress."  She says she wanted to wear the Devon-designed uniforms but didn't want to "steal the thunder" from the waitresses, and said, "if I was working here I would be thrilled.  It would be great if everyone had their uniforms designed by Lyn Devon."  Indeed. 

Photos by David X Prutting/Billy Farrell Agency

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