Lady Sovereign's Breakdown at Studio B

Everyone's talking about it! The so-called "breakdown" of Lady Sovereign at Studio B this past weekend. Apparently she complained about a number of things, some of which included: the fact that she was only playing the gig because of how broke she was, how America "fucks you up" and, well... It's all just too sad to bother explaining. I don't really know what to think of it, but I'm honestly considering banning all British female performers from my iPod (this, plus Lily Allen's MySpace confessions are just too much). Here's the video:

Amendment: Since this video was put up it was taken down from youtube (no doubt by the powers that be, aka Lady Sovereigns management). For those of you that haven't seen it yet, it included a 5 minute rant from the Sov about everything I mentioned above, along with booing from the audience when she finally stormed off-stage after making fans wait for hours and then only playing two songs. My favorite part was a fan's outcry of "Yea fucking right!" after she claimed to be so broke that her landlord was going to kick her out of her flat.

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