Lady Gaga's Scrapped Video With R. Kelly and Terry Richardson Leaks

by Justin Moran
Following Terry Richardson's controversial New York magazine cover story this week, Lady Gaga is now in the news after clips from her shelved "Do What U Want" video, co-starring R. Kelly and directed by the notorious photographer, surfaced online via TMZ.

As if the ARTPOP single wasn't already dripping with connotations of rape, the leaked clip  shows Gaga naked on a hospital bed while sexy nurses throw a party on her body after she's been sedated by Dr. Kelly. Later, Richardson makes a cameo shooting her as she rolls around naked on the ground surrounded by unflattering news headlines about herself. The video for the track, which she'd already started promoting in the fall, was wisely shelved by Gaga's team following an extensive Village Voice piece published late last year outlining the late-'90s sexual assault allegations against Kelly that involved teenage girls. According to Page Six, additional allegations against Richardson had also surfaced around the time, which, we're guessing, was the final nail in the coffin for this video. 

Although the music video was never officially released, it's hard to conceive how it could have have been viewed as remotely appropriate. There was once a time when the singer opted for thoughtfully planned videos with complex storylines and otherworldly fashion, but it seems that once she consciously brought "art" into her "pop," Gaga's work began to lack more and more creativity.

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