Almost a week after releasing her awesome new single "Perfect Illusion"...

...Lady Gaga's next most perfect very real, non-illusion has been her style revamp (a new era of Gagz), including a ferociously transcendent crop-top, short-shorts, goth boots and under-boob combo.

Under the direction of her stylist-turned major fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, Ms. Germonatta, once again, claims her rightful seat as the most fashion-forward pop star 'round; she doesn't need a meat dress or shoulder horns to prove it.

Let's take a look at five of her best lewks in the past week ALONE.

5. Silver Lamé crop-top, ripped jean shorts and commando boots on Nick Grimshaw's BBC Radio show last week, hours after "Perfect Illusion" was released onto the world.

The Lady graced a crowd of fans waiting outside the BBC studio...showing off her full suit of glistening armor:

4. Early Saturday morning, Gagz and "Perfect Illusion" producer Mark Ronson surprised the crowd at London's Moth Club with a goosebump-inducing, first live performance of the song; LG wore lamé shorts, grey cropped tee; VIVA LA UNDERBOOB!

Never has a microphone swing been chicer.

3. Last night, at Brandon Maxwell's NYFW SS'17 show.

I mean.

In a fetal position...

Come 2 Brazil with your BLAZER!

2. Earlier this week in NYC, with a classic white crop emblazoned with the "Lady Gaga" monogram.

Like that lacy black bra...


And finally...

1. In a classic, all-black leather jacket look from her weekend in London.

BRB, we'll be spending our entire paycheck at Allsaints now.