Lady Gaga at Chanel + Cosby Watches Cosby in Today's Eight Items or Less

1. Terry Richardson photographed Lady Gaga outside of the Chanel store in Finland. [via Terry's Diary]

2. Friend of PAPER, Sally Singer, has left her post as editor in chief of T. We wish her good luck and can't wait to see what brilliance she embarks upon next! [via WWD]

3. If there's one thing to come out of the whole Pussy Riot mess it's that.... lots of people are suddenly saying the word "pussy." [via Slate]

4. Here's a sneak peek at what The Decemberists will look like on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. [via Pitchfork]

5. Apparently when Mitt Romney recently visited a coal mine in Ohio to promote jobs in the coal mining industry, the workers who appeared alongside him were forced to attend the speech, and weren't paid for missing a day of work. [via]

6. Eeeeveryone's talking about new member's-only travel start-up Valet. [via The Observer]

7. Here's Andy Roddick's first serve at the US Open courtesy of Friend of PAPER Bill Powers, who's sitting in the Lacoste booth, and wrote in an email: "Andy Roddick turns 30 next week. All he wants for his birthday is to still be playing in US Open next week!!"

8. OBSESSED with "Cosby Watches Cosby," a super-cut created by Diane Bullock and Mike Schuster wherein the Huxtables watch "the unwatchable: late season episodes of The Cosby Show." We totally forgot about Pam. Pam sucked! [via Laughing Squid]

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