L.A. Woman Back from Hawaiian Dream Vacation

Aloha! This L.A. Woman is back from vacation on Kauai, a.k.a. "The Garden Isle." I was going to post a series of Hawaiian-themed YouTube nuggets while I was gone but the central PAPER blog station was screwed up the day before we left so... we shall post them after the fact along with highlights from the trip! Needless to say, the island was a slice of Technicolor heaven. Yes, it looked just like it does in this clip from the Elvis Presley classic Blue Hawaii.

There is so much to tell but, honestly, the re-entry into mainland reality has been rather traumatic and so we must keep this short. We're desperately trying to hold onto the serenity we discovered there in the middle of the Pacific... as well as re-live memories of hiking the Na Pali coast, riding horses, eating fresh mangoes, luxuriating on one gorgeous beach after another AND watching things explode while visiting the set of the new Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder. Kauai is doubling for Vietnam in Mr. Stiller's new action/comedy, a send-up of Apocalypse Now (and every Hollywood war movie ever made). But more on that in later postings. For now, allow Elvis to lull us back to Paradise where the tropical island breezes wash away the sins of the world. Oh yeah... we also had a full week of no TV, blogs, internet, cell phones or Lindsay Lohan. What in the hell am I doing back here????

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