L.A. Report: The PAPER Magazine and Svedka Mr. Black 2033 Tour Heads to Bardot

J. Everette Perry
The PAPER Magazine and Svedka Mr. Black 2033 tour of America made its final pit stop on Tuesday night at L.A.'s Bardot. And believe me, this wasn't your typical Hollywood clusterfu*k.  The PAPER crew used their filtering magic to throw an intimate soiree only allowing in the most fierce futur-bots, fembots and robots.  While coast hopping Trons Lady Fag, One-Half Nelson, Drew, Macky and Nicky B were welcoming the new bots on board, the rest of us were jamming to the sounds of DJs Sammy Jo and Nita on the neon-strobed dance floors. Gays-about-town Adam Lambert and Samantha Ronson arrived at 12 on the dot and left at closing time. Bijou Phillips was also in attendance slash manning the Svedka photo booth!  We hope that all the nightclubs in the future look this good!

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