L.A. Report: The Lazy Sunday BBQ

Camille Rousseau

It’s so hot, you guys. It’s too hot to do anything. This is the kind of heat that calls out for drawn shades, blasted A.C., popsicles and no movement whatsoever. Hardly anything can drag me outdoors, except maybe the siren-esque beckoning of goodies to ogle and to eat. Space 15 Twenty combined all these elements and more for its Lazy Sunday BBQ, featuring live performances by Steel Train & Fun. The vibe was that of a very high-end garage sale, with Rachel Antonoff, The 2 Bandits and ban.do all selling wares under shaded booths. Munching on watermelon slices and sipping fizzy bottles of Izze we perused racks of Rachel Antonoff’s pretty sundresses and delicate tops, all so lovely. Next, hot on the heels of the spats craze comes a new way of accessorizing your accessories: boot bands! The 2 Bandits carry a variety of handmade bands for footwear, from punky studs to Native American prints. Looking at them I kept running an infomercial in my head (“Are your boots lacking luster? Bored of your brogans? Dress them up as a bandito on the run!”), but in all seriousness, the bands were exquisitely made and utterly adorable. My personal favorite was ban.do, with its selection of the dreamiest, frothiest headbands ever, splashes of bright color and feathery concoctions like turrets of whipped cream. I couldn’t get too agitated because of the heat, but trust me, they were giving me an introverted fiesta. Finally, everyone settled down to watch Steel Train & Fun, the perfect accompaniment to a mellow summer afternoon. I must say, it was all totally worth getting out of the chilled cavern for.

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