L.A. Report: Loving Lykke Li's Bardot Performance More than Just a Little Bit

Camille Rousseau

Everyone's favorite Swedish sprite Lykke Li descended upon Bardot the other night to sprinkle a little magic and high-octave vociferation. The fancier-than-usual crowd was abuzz with anticipation, deserting the dance floor for the outdoors, where the performance was set to take place. The patio was converted into a makeshift amphitheater, complete with miniature roped-off stage, velvet curtains and a sprinkling of Christmas lights. After much grumbling and jostling, little Lykke Li finally burst onto the stage like a dervish in head-to-toe black, attacking the microphone with vehemence. The set was short but sweet -- an impressive showcasing of Lykke Li's vocal ability and considerable stage presence. The night culminated in a touchingly rousing dedication to birthday boys Jason and promoter Andres Rigal. Although, my personal favorite moment had to be watching muscle-strapped bros chant the words to "Little Bit" ... fist-pumps and all!

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