L.A. Report: Diamond Dogs Opens at H. Wood

Camille Rousseau

Hollywood had it coming. Last night, H. Wood celebrated its new party "Diamond Dogs" for a glittery night of rock and roll disco with the swaggering intent of sticking it to the man (or in this case, the rich kids). In the words of resident DJ Kelly Cole, he and fellow host Bryan Rabin wanted to create a night for the alienated and disenfranchised, bringing back old-school values of partying and togetherness as opposed to the might of a good publicist and a credit card. Don’t be fooled, however, by the altruistic message: the crowd was still packed full of well-heeled hipsters and hot babes, though I did observe a higher ratio of resplendent drag queens. If you are craving a night with no techno, no reserved seating, and go-go dancers galore, come get down at Diamond Dogs, every Thursday at H.Wood.

P.S: Wear sequins!

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