LA Fashion Week: David Alexander

J. Everette Perry

L.A.'s Broadway District was brought back to life with David Alexander's dazzling runway show last night. You might recognize David's designs from seeing them on celebs like Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, Kim Kardashian, and most recently Megan Fox -- who was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone in a very inviting swimsuit by Alexander. David told me that he found inspiration in Kar Wai Wong's trippy sci-fi film, 2046, some of which takes place in the '60s, and the historic Los Angeles Theatre was a perfect setting to highlight the designer's futuristic, retro looks. He also said he's influenced by Italian screen siren Monica Bellucci, describing her as having "a truly romantic and obscure beauty that actually sets the standards on how I select my models. I also believe Janelle Monae has played a slight role. She has an amazing voice and a sort of hip-hop flapper style."

Too bad Janelle wasn't there to orchestrate the music -- the venue's sound technician twice dropped the ball with utter silence during transitions. But the models still strutted in Alexander's shimmering sequin-adorned dresses and, at the end of the night, applause rang from the crowd.

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