L.A. Culture Vultures: Bryan Rabin

"L.A. is so cartoon and pop. It's like living in a movie. I love that it's all so über. Everything seems to get turned up tenfold -- the Bel-Air socialite's hair is ten times blonder, her waist is ten times smaller and her boobs are ten times bigger. The rock 'n' roller's hair is ten times blacker; the studs are ten times bigger. I love Los Angeles because it is made up of so many little villages. If you want to visit any country, we have it -- India Town, Thai Town, Koreatown, Japantown, Little Ethiopia, the Borscht belt -- incredible tribes of people that would never cross paths all coexist here in L.A. And the style tribes! The rockabilly and the tattooed "Betties" from the East Side, the low-rider cholo culture from Boyle Heights, the banjee kids from Englewood, old-school West Hollywood gays, Silver Lake hipsters and the Beverly Hills set. It is such an incredible explosion." * Rabin Rodgers Inc. is a creative marketing and production firm specializing in brand identity and development.

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