Kurt Cobain Talks Feminism, Thinking He Was Gay as a Teenager, in This New Interview

by Max Kessler

The folks at Blank on Blank have unearthed -- and, ugh, animated -- a never-before-heard interview with Kurt Cobain from July of 1993. The interview, conducted by British journalist Jon Savage, covers a variety of subjects relating to Cobain's identity, including his attempts  to uncover his family history (Cobain says he combed over many phone books to try to locate any new relatives), feminism ("Women are totally oppressed...Although I listened to Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, and I really did enjoy some of the melodies they'd written, it took me so many years to realize that a lot of it had to do with sexism."), thinking he might be gay in high school, his mother's homophobia and the stomach pain that burdened him through most of his life. It's a fascinating and touching glimpse into Cobain and is well worth the watch.

[via Death and Taxes]

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