Kristen Wiig On Bridesmaids, Jon Hamm + More Photos

Alexis Swerdloff
Firstly, congratulations are in order for PAPER cover gal Kristen Wiig, who we learned today was nominated for a best actress Golden Globe for her starring role in Bridesmaids. Secondly, here are some outtakes from her cover shoot, as well as some notable quotables that didn't make it into the piece. Enjoy!

On whether she anticipated Bridesmaids' success:

"It was like a baby that was cooking for almost five years. With comedy, you just never know, like with SNL. You can do a sketch that goes really well with the table, and then people are laughing at rehearsals, and then you do it at dress and it couldn't be more silent. Comedy is just so personal and objective. And with the movie, we tried to mix the funny with having it be real and emotional, and you just never know what people are going to say -- we want more of this, we want more of that. you just never know. That's a long way to say that yes, I was surprised by Bridesmaids' success."

On Rose Byrne:

"Rose, we hadn't met before, and got so lucky. She's so funny, and had never improvised before. We found this out in the middle of shooting. Maya Rudolph one day was like, 'so where did you learn how to do this?' and Rose was like, 'Oh, I've never done this before!'"

On the parade of unappealing men at Lilian's bridal shower who various guests mistake for Annie's boyfriend:

"We had actually written out how they looked and their names. Like Captain Arnold DuBois -- we said in the script that he had an ascot, a pipe and the hat and everything. Thank God they let us do that."

On Wiig's favorite SNL character:

"I would say Aunt Linda, who does the movie reviews. I haven't done her in a while, I know a dark horse choice."

On when she decides to retire her SNL characters: 

"I just think you kind of know. Some people think you should do them more because audiences like to see the familiar characters, but I don't know. I feel like after four or five times, I want to move on to something else. I think there's a bit of a fear that the audience is going to get sick of them, to be honest. Also, for me, it's hard to get away from the formula of the sketch to make it totally different."

On doing SNL when you're really, really sick:

"The other week, I felt horrible. I had the fever, chills, a headache, and hadn't written my Weekend Update bit yet, which I had to perform the next day. In my head I was like, 'Oh my God, I don't want to do it, how am I going to do it?' It was the one where I talk really fast. I was writing with Kent Sublette, and he was like, 'we just have to do it, we just have to write it.' So I was just lying on my couch under a blanket while he was typing. We were laughing a little bit, but I just felt like shit. I had the worst migraine. There's something kind of good about knowing you just have to do it, like you don't have a choice. They call it "Doctor Theater." So I wrote the sketch and did the show the next day. I completely collapsed when I got home."

On moving to the Upper West Side:

"I live downtown, but when I first got to the show, I didn't know anything about New York. I asked a friend where I should live, and he was like, 'live on the Upper West Side.' So I just got an apartment there, and it was nice, very quiet. But I was going downtown more and realized that's where I was meant to be.'

On who she would like to work with someday:

"I would love to work with Woody Allen. And I love Tim Burton movies..."

On her favorite SNL host:

"It's so hard to pick one, it's like picking a favorite child. Let's see... Maybe Jon Hamm. I had heard before he hosted that he was into comedy, but we knew him only as Don Draper before the first show. And when he got there, everyone was just like, 'holy shit.'"

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