Kristen Bell Regresses In The Lifeguard

by Emma Orlow

Though the whole "twentysomething searching for the meaning of life" is a theme that's long been played out, our interest can't help but be a little piqued by the new trailer for The Lifeguard, starring Kristen Bell. After fumbling with the usual gripes of adulthood, Leigh, a 29-year-old -- yes 29! Not 30! -- played by Bell, moves back in with her parents. There she trades in bustling New York City for suburbia, and along with it reverts back to teenage antics, beginning with taking a job as -- you guessed it -- the local lifeguard. Leigh makes some questionable romantic decisions (questioned by just about everyone around her) with the younger dude who hangs by the pool and, we assume, has a few requisite learning moments along the way. The film also stars Martin Starr, Mamie Gummer, and Amy Madigan and hits box offices on August 30th.

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