Kony 2012 Creator Gets Arrested for Public Masturbation + Spring Breakers Are More Prudish = Eight Items Or Less

1.  Woah.  We did not see this coming: Director and co-creator of viral Kony 2012 video, Jason Russell, was arrested yesterday in San Diego for public drunkenness and public masturbation. [Buzzfeed]

2. Check out these planters you can mount onto your bike.  So Portlandia! [Laughing Squid]

3. Check out this old-school photo by photographer Michael Sean Edwards of people dumpster diving in New York in 1988.  [Gothamist]

4. Watch this Abby Elliott-look-alike play every character on Law & Order ever.  So many "dun duns." [Vulture]

5. Urologists in Cape Cod are offering a March Madness deal in which you can get a free pizza thrown in with your vasectomy. [Gawker]

6. We love these fancypants couture stuffed animal pugs that a collection of designers have created for charity.  (Look above is Balmain.) [Flavorwire]

7. The Flaming Lips are turning "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" into a musical.  

8. The Times' alleges that the ubiquity iPhones, Facebook and YouTube are making spring breakers more prudish. [NYTimes]

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