Kobayashi Breaks Peeps-Eating Record + Marc Jacobs Has New Ladybug-like Fragrance = Eight Items Or Less

1. An "art car tank" that gives out books, not bombs. [Laughing Squid]

2.  Competitive eating champ Kobayashi scarfed down 25 peeps in 30 seconds. [Buzzfeed]

3. These "morning-after" photos of German nightclubs taken by Giesermann André and Daniel Schulz make us feel depressed. [Flavorwire]

4. Nicole Kidman is in talks to play Grace Kelly in a new biopic.  [Huffington Post]

5. Marc Jacobs released a new scent, Dot, which is mean to be a sister accompaniment to his pre-existing fragrances, Daisy and Lola.  The cutesy packaging resembles a ladybug and is supposed to smell like dragon fruit, red berries, honeysuckle and coconut water, among other notes. [Refinery 29 via WWD]

6. Check out these sushi-making machines shown at this year's World Food and Beverage Great Expo 2012 held in Tokyo. [Eater]

7. Snoop D-O-G-G has a new book out made from his Kingsize Slims rolling papers.  Can you guess what the book is called? That's right, Rolling Papers. [Gawker]

8. Texts from a dog. [Daily What via Buzzfeed]

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