Kimberly Ovitz Is a Big Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Fan + More From Her F/W '12 Show

Maggie Dolan

If Kimberly Ovitz could dress anyone, who would it be? "Lara Croft from Tomb Raider," Ovitz disclosed backstage after her show Wednesday. "She's awesome. I'd put her in one of the black, long dresses." That's right, forget Angelina Jolie, she has nothing on her fictional counterpart, Croft, warrior woman number one.

Ovitz, however, is on the mark with her make-believe dream client. Models in her presentation looked like gothic nymphs fit for some sort of underworld battle. "I brought it back to my comfort zone this season," Ovitz explained. "I went really light for spring, and I wanted to come back to the dark." Inspired by the Akira Kurosawa film, Kagemusha (literally "Shadow Warrior" in Japanese), Ovtiz immersed herself into the different cultural mutations of warrior, starting with the samurai.

Heavy-set fabrics like leather and faux fur (made from natural fibers) were layered over maxi jersey dresses mimicking the look of battle robes. Black sheaths with textured torsos and long-sleeved velvet dresses cut close to the body seemed fit for protective armor against the social battles of a Friday night downtown. A wispy pattern that appeared on sheer overlays mirrored that off a war horse's mane flowing in pursuit of battle.

Although the clothes were strong and a celebration of female strength is always appreciated,
Ovitz might take a cue from her inspirational motivation and battle her way out of her comfort zone. Uncharted territory is always worth fighting to see.

Photos by Marcus Tondo / via

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