Kim Jong Il-Approved North Korean Films at Korea Society

It's a widely known fact that the wacky dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Il is a big film buff. It's been told that he loves Friday the 13th, Freddy vs. Jason, First Blood and James Bond -- basically he has a taste of a 13-year-old prepubescent boy. Back in the '70s Kim even had this super famous South Korean director and his actress wife kidnapped so they would make movies he wants to see. So if you've ever wondered what kind of movies you'd be making for Dear Leader if you were a North Korean filmmaker, you are in for a rare cinematic treat. Starting tonight Korea Society will be hosting a four-part screening series called "Films from the North: Part II." If you loved Team America, take this opportunity to get a glimpse into the soul-searing, socialist, propaganda-potent celluloid vision from the mystery land that is North Korea. The series kicks off with Traces of Life (1989), a story about "a hardworking farmer whose love for her country helps her transcend her grief over her late husband and raise her collective farm's rice production to unprecedented levels."

Korea Society, 950 Third Ave, 8th Flr., (212) 759-7525, 6:40 p.m., $10 (members) or $15 (non-members)

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