<br/></div><br/>In case you missed it, Courtney Love performed an acoustic(?) rendition of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" at a Sundance party. No comment. [via <a href="http://www.vulture.com/2013/01/here-is-courtney-loves-cover-of-99-problems.html">Vulture</a>]<br/> No shade. [via <a href="http://ratsoff.com/post/41666885578/via-gregrutter#disqus_thread">Rats Off</a>]<br/><br/> <div style="text-align: center;"><br/><br/><div align="left">Yeah, yeah, we know you've thought "Gangnam Style" has been played out ever since you saw, like, seven Psys on Halloween but -- hear us out -- this paper flipbook "Gangnam Style" that has all of Psy's moves and every scene from the video is awesome. [via <a href="http://hypervocal.com/entertainment/2013/illustrated-gangnam-style/">Hyper Vocal</a>]<br/><br/>Ben & Jerry's are unveiling a special 30 Rock-themed flavor this Thursday in honor of the show's final episode. Here's hoping it has something to do with 'Sabor de Soledad.' [via <a href="http://benandjerrys.tumblr.com/post/41729149348/we-are-very-excited-to-unveil-a-new-30">Ben & Jerry's</a>]<br/></div></div></div>