Kids From My Travels: Jesse, Ryhs & Dylan

Jeffrey Kilmer

WHO: Jesse Dubree
AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: I’m a longtime drummer. I’m in a band called Times New Roman (XNR!) and I hope everyday that I live I’m a musician.
HOMETOWN: Manhattan, KS
SHOT IN: Topeka, KS
FAVORITE TOPEKA HANG SPOT: I hang out at the Boobie Trap a lot. The people there are great. I also really like Seabrook Tavern. I don’t like busy bars where all the frat dudes are trying to bang every girl. I go to places where I can chill and hang out with my friends.

WHO: Rhys Davis
AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: During the day I work in a corporate America environment for NCO Financial, and for a local magazine on the side. At night I live a different life fueled by alcohol, good music and friends.
SHOT IN: Tulsa, OK
FAVORITE TULSA HANG SPOT: I have three favorite spots: Tiny Lounge, The Colony, and Sound Pony. Tiny is a very small bar with an outside patio where DJs spin and inside is a dope jukebox. Colony is a dimly lit dirty bar with writing on the walls. Everyone knows everyone at the bar. Sound Pony is a bar for cyclists and a more indie slum of a downtown bar with no cover and cute girls. I also drink free at all 3!

WHO: Dylan Morris
AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Right now I just have this job at a hospital here to make my admission applications to medical school more appealing. But my final goal in life is to get into a medical school and become an orthopedic surgeon. I also like to ride bmx and listen to music and go to local shows.
SHOT IN: Tulsa, OK
FAVORITE TULSA HANG SPOT: My favorite hangout here in Tulsa is a toss up between Tiny Lounge and The Soundpony. Tiny Lounge is this small dive-barish type of place that is small with lots of mod decor. It also has pretty good drink specials and live music every weekend. The Sound Pony is a cyling bar and most people ride their single speed road bikes or fixies up to the bar. Inside, the bar is decorated with old bicycles and magazine covers. They also have good beers on tap and pretty good prices. They have a free Pac-Man game too which is completely legit.

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