Kids From My Travels: Florida Boys Erick, Josh & Nick

Jeffrey Kilmer

WHO: Erick
AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: Full time DJ, part time hairdresser. Harlot and I should be setting out on a small tour in the fall.
HOMETOWN: Houston, Atlanta, Chicago... now the Florida sinkhole, Pensacola.
FAVORITE PENSACOLA HANG SPOT: Sluggos (best damn vegan restaurant/bar/venue in the dirty south), Sir Richards (awesome dive bar with even more awesome bartenders) and Suite, where me and my co-DJ Harlot DJ every other Wed night. Or anywhere with my two-year-old old Boxer, Brooklyn.

WHO: Josh
AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: I sing in the band Sky Tells All.
HOMETOWN: Originally from Baltimore, MD. I currently live in Pensacola, FL when were not on the road.
FAVORITE PENSACOLA HANG SPOT: Since we constantly play/hang out at bars and clubs... when I am home, I like to hang out at my house or on a boat somewhere. Pensacola doesn't really have al ot of cool hang out spots, unless I haven't discovered them yet.

WHO: Nick
AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: I've gone through paramedic school as a means to continue traveling and to have constant access to the macabre and opiates.
HOMETOWN: Wertheim, West Germany by way of conception; Denver, CO by way of the desert; Kailua, HI by way of adolescents; Rotterdam, NYC, Chicago and assorted small towns and empty roads by way of Carstairs and cocaine; I now live in Pensacola, FL by way of Pall Mall cigarettes and shoplifted books.
FAVORITE PENSACOLA HANG SPOT: There's always a sense of destination and solitude with railroad tracks. No cover, no crowd, and always a pint away from someplace else.

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