Kids From My Travels: Florida Boys Brandon, Austin and Jimmy

NAME: Brandon Arceneaux
OCCUPATION/STUDY: I work at a hotel on Fort Myers beach.  I hope to start school soon to become a psychologist. I also have been skateboarding for seven years and I'm currently in a band,Booty Grass Lives, which I started with two of my best friends.
HOMETOWN: Fort Myers, FL
FAVORITE FLORIDA HANGSPOT: Anywhere I can skate: skateparks, parking lots, stairs, etc...and music venues, mobile homes, people's garages. Any place I can sit back and chill with my friends.

NAME: Austin Mauzy
AGE: 19
OCCUPATION/STUDY: HVAC Technician.  I install AC units and do duct work for Sandusks Heating and Cooling.
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL

NAME: Jimmy Wilder (Jimmy J)
OCCUPATION/STUDY: Restaurant server, musician, recording studio engineer and producer. I play in a couple local hardcore/metal bands as a vocalist as well as a guitarist. Currently unemployed due to moving, but hopefully I'll find another restaurant job soon.
HOMETOWN: Cape Coral, FL
FAVORITE FLORIDA HANGSPOT: I don't particularly have a "favorite hangout". I go wherever the good music is -- Ft. Myers, Tampa, Orlando, Venice. I'll travel long distances for a good show.

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